Hello world!

Hey there! So, let me tell you about Happi Anarky—it’s a little corner on the internet where I show my art and occasionally write about what inspired each piece.

I am often asked if the name is an homage to the tv show Sons of Anarchy but no, “Happi Anarky” came to be as a result of my autocorrect’s obsession with turning “anarchist” into “antichrist.”

Here’s the origin story, picture this: a group of talented friends, including yours truly, on a late night Skype chat wanting to revolutionize indie publishing. We dreamed up this epic one-stop-shop for authors, complete with editing, original covers, and even our very own cover models.

We joked that we were going against the norm , promoting anarchy and I was the head anarchist (my friends are very introverted) only my autocorrect had an obsession with changing “anarchist” into “antichrist” every single time I typed it and I joked that I was such an anarchist I refused to spell the word correctly and one of my friends said that I was the happiest anarchist they’d ever met (thanks, autocorrect!), and boom, Happi Anarky was born! My tagline? “The revolution will not be spell checked!” Classic, right? Sadly, our indie publishing empire never took off, but I held onto the name like a prized possession. So here I am, rocking it as my artist alter ego. Let the revolution begin—typos and all!

If you’re a Karen Marie Moning fan, you might be familiar with some of my art. I designed Fever merchandise and graphics for Karen for about a decade. I’ve also designed the occasional book cover for a few indie authors. While the site itself is new some of the art and stories are not, but the old ones that make it on here are my favorites. I hope you’ll enjoy the stories and the art.