Stories Behind The Art

I  Guess I’ll Run Away Tomorrow

Five year old Robert was having a really crappy day. Despite his protests his pediatrician had given him a couple of shots earlier in the day. Even though it was now evening his arms were still sore from and he was really irked about it.

Robert paced up and down the living room muttering and very deep in thought. He finally threw his arms up in exasperation and winced. “THAT’S IT! That is it! I am running away! ” His grandmother looked up from what she was doing and simply said, “Okay.”

About twenty minutes later he stood barefoot at the door, struggling under the weight of his backpack. The kid did not pack lightly. “Where are you running away to?” His grandfather asked as he settled into his chair. “My uncle’s house.” His grandfather looked down at Robert’s feet and quickly pointed out his lack of footwear.
“I can’t find my shoes. Can you help me find them?”
His grandpa shook his head, “Nope, if you’re running away you have to leave as you are.” Robert looked down at his feet again and sighed.

He was about to step out onto the porch when he realized it was dark outside. Pitch dark, in fact, it was so dark, even nocturnal animals were in need of a Maglite. Robert’s grandparents live out in the boondocks on the edge of the woods. Other than the occasional porch light there are no external lights until you hit the main road which is a considerable distance from the house. Robert’s eyes opened wide as he tried to adjust to the darkness. Unable to see anything he sighed again and contemplated his next move. He slowly turned his head and looked back at his grandfather who was now standing behind him holding his coffee mug. “Can you drive me to my uncle’s house?”

His grandfather leaned over Robert and glanced outside, took a sip of coffee and seemed to consider Robert’s request for a brief second. “Nope.” Robert slumped a bit and let out a deep sigh as he walked back to the living room, “Fine, I guess I’ll run away tomorrow then.”

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